Friday, April 3, 2009

Productive Lunch

Hello all!! I hope you're having a good April so far!! WHOO HOO!! I know I am! You know what April means for me?? Dude - I'm seriously getting married in FOUR MONTHS!!!!!!!!! (Okay, so I know that the sidebar says 4 mo. and 5 days... details, people.) AHHH!!!

Today during lunch I:
*called my mom to chat about our exciting upcoming weekend in B'ham
*made a date with my Mamaw to scrapbook next week
*talked to my fancy
*did some online banking
*confirmed my invitation orders!
*tracked a package that should be ON IT'S WAY NOW!! (it's bedding for the future Mr. and me.. and I got the BEST deal.)
*reorganized my wedding folder
*ate, don't forget that part
*texted Emily to find out where mom and I should eat this weekend
*picked a new background for my blog

No, go forth and be productive!


  1. Can't wait to hear all about Wicked!

  2. please come and live my life since you are so organized!!!!!

    isn't home shopping fun!


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