Monday, April 27, 2009

Where's Waldo? - Bedding Edition

**UPDATE** I found it!! And honestly I don't even know how. But it's called Nautica Southgate Herringbone and I just may very well order it today. ......And then figure out how to return the other one......

A quick story and a plea for help.

Two weeks ago (or more) I found a bed set I was in love with from JCPenney and it was ON SAAAAALE. Okay? On sale. Love sales. Gotta get things on sale. And not just "on sale" - CLOSEOUT. So since we couldn't agree on anything at Bed Bath & Beyond, the discussion ended with "You get whatever makes you happy, babe." which basically means "I know I'm not going to win on this, I don't love what you picked, but go for it anyway."

So I took his "advice" and went ahead and bought the set.

Fast forward to yesterday when we were waltzing through BB&B when we walked past the bedding section:
"You better not even look," said Jason.
S: "Oh I know, it's not like I'm gonna find anyth--... oh poop."
J: "What?"
S: "Nothing. I didn't see anything. Nothing at all."
J: "Did you find one you like?"
S: "Maaaaybe..."
J: "Is it that one over there in the middle on the bottom?"
S: "Uh, YEEEEAH. Do you like it too?"
J: "Yeah, I really do."
S: "Well dang!"

(Okay, enough with the dialogue.) So we're looking around everywhere to find that one set, which of course we can't find and there's NO ONE around to ask.

So here's my plea for help: I took a picture of the picture in BB&B and I know it's a Nautica set, BUT... we have no idea what it's called or anything. I've done some research but still can't find it.

Can you find it?!?!?


  1. I saw that at BB&B too and loved it!! Keep looking- it's got to be out there somewhere, doesn't it?!

  2. wait- why search for a new one? what are you going to do with the complete set you already have??

  3. Well, we both love this set, and since Jason wasn't in love with the one I ended up buying, I figure I can return it and get something we're both happy with, instead of just ME being happy!

  4. i bet JCPenney will take it back. If not, just sell it on Ebay or Craig's List. If you choose Craig's List, beware creepy serial killers. jk:) had to throw a little humor in there. i love the one you are gonna get!!!


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