Monday, May 4, 2009

How could I be so...


Yesterday Jason and I went to my parent's church (my old church) for my brother Nick's Confirmation. I was really excited about going, not just to celebrate with my family, but because this was the first time Jason and I had been to Signal Crest since we got engaged!

I did my best to look cute (c'mon now, that's what you do when you know everyone's going to want to talk to you!) and flew out the door when Jason called to say he was at the apt. ready to pick me up.

15-20 minutes later as we're walking in to the church, I make the statement "I'm so excited because this is the first time we've been here since we got engaged!" and as I'm saying it, a sinking feeling came over me. Wait, no. It can't be. There's no way ---

I forgot my ring.

It was the first time I had walked out of my apartment without it on. And of all days. So after profusely apologizing to the love of my life, I wondered if we could make it back in time if we left to go get it... no, that wouldn't work. We'd miss half the service. How could I be so stupid!

So then I had to explain to everyone that asked why I didn't have my ring on and no, we're still engaged, please don't tell people we're not, I'm just stupid, please go ahead and tell people I am.



  1. when you're married if you forget you've still got a wedding band. 96 more days.

    and I don't know how secure you feel about this, but I don't ever take mine off. Do you feel like you need to?


  2. hahaha my mom mentioned to me that you had forgotten your ring on Sunday!! I used to my engagement ring off at night, but now I never take either of my rings off- except for coming to work because I'm not really into wearing it in the line of work I'm in! haha... But you'll have to go back up there sometime to show her!!!

  3. Hey girl! I used to take mine off too when I was engaged. Actually left for a BRIDAL SHOWER and forgot it at home, luckily I had time to run back and get it. Once you are married, you'll never take them off, at least I never do anymore. You're not stupid! It happens to everyone! Love ya!


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