Friday, May 29, 2009

Window PAINS.

Uhhhhhhh.... Okay friends. I know that every one of you has a story like this, but I'm just a little too frustrated right now not to tell you mine. It just happened.

Today at lunch, Jason and I ran home to our house to meet with a window company (that will remain nameless) to get a quote on replacing our windows. We were all excited because this is a huge step in making our house a better place. So we have a 12 o'clock appointment. We get there around 11:45 and the guy calls Jason at 11:50 and says he's running late. He had been meeting with a client on Lookout and he would be there in about 20-30 minutes. Okay that's fine - he'd only really be 10-20 minutes late, so we could deal with that.
12:40...12:45... "Jason - is this guy coming?"

So I call him back and say "I was just calling to see if you need directions." (I was feeling a bit sassy at this point.) To which he gave me the same story "Oh, I got caught up at an appt. on Lookout Mtn, so I'll be there in about 20-25 minutes."

WHAT??? So I told him we'd have to reschedule because by the time he got there and did our little meeting and we got back to work, it'd practically be time to come home and we just couldn't be gone that long. Thanks.

So Jason and I leave and we're both QUITE frustrated at this point and hardly talk in the car for fear of spontaneous combustion. As soon as I got back to work I called the main office and filed a complaint, so the owner is coming out to our house next week AFTER work to give us a quote.

We're still probably going to use them (if the price is right) but MAN OH MAN - isn't that SOOOO ANNOYING!?!?!?! Grrrrr...

What's your "be there between 12-8pm, cable guy stands you up", story? :)

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  1. That is SO frustrating! Here's happened just this week.

    We bought a new washer and dyer 3 weeks ago b/c we had to take our set (mine that I had had in Atlanta) back to Atlanta to the condo since we FINALLY got a renter!

    Well, due to the popularity of the make/model/set that we bought, it took a week or so for them to get in and delivered to our house. We received them last Thursday (21st). We were SO excited. Washed a load of towels, everything worked great. Put in another load, and we got a "NO DRAINING" message on the screen of the washer. So we look up that code in our reference book, and do what it says, try it all again....same message. Next morning, Chad calls Lowe's, Lowe's transfers us to Samsung (maker of our new set), and they schedule someone to come out to fix it. They can't come until THIS past Thursday (28th). So they say they will be at our house between 1-5 on the 28th. (yeah, lovely timeframe, huh?). The guy calls at 3:30 and says he will be there in 20 minutes. 5 pm rolls around and he still hasn't showed up!!!! He didn't come until 5:15! On top of that, he jiggled a few wires, it started working, and he left. Focusing positively that we finally have a working washer again, we put in a load of clothes. What happens....we get the same "No Draining" message.

    Long story short....we are getting a new set this coming week, b/c we MUST have gotten a lemon! Being #1 on Consumer Reports, we know it's not the make/model. Just our luck on getting a lemon, but at least Lowe's is swapping them out with new ones! :)

    Can't wait to hear about your new windows! Crossing my fingers you get the quote you need!


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