Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Wuv Fwuit

(If you didn't get a chance to read my post from yesterday, please do.)

I wewwy wuv fwuit.

Jason and I could both eat fruit everyday, if I wasn't so lazy about buying it and cutting it up. NO MORE! I am trying to be good about my goals of "planning our meals" & "only going to the grocery store once/wk", and that includes getting fruit for us to munch on during the week.

But, I'm always afraid of buying "bad" fruit. Like... my grapes today? They were seriously sour. One sweet grape for every 15 you eat. But oh, the cantelope. Mmmmmm... so sweet, so juicy, and oh so good! So I suffered through 5-6 grapes for every 2 pieces of cantelope.

And cantelopes can be intimidating too, because you really don't know what's going to be inside! Is it going to be overly-ripe and grainy, not ripe enough and hard, or perfection like today.

Another fruit I want to try to start buying but I'm afraid of is pears. When we were at Grandmother & Granddaddy Lawhorn's house over the break, granddaddy cut up a Harry & David's pear for me and I was in HEAVEN!!! I have never had such a wonderful pear. So now I know I really like them, but I'm scared to buy one at the store. Woe is me.

Anyway... not that you care about my fruit eating habits.

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful!!


  1. Hey. I was wondering how you got the section under your blogs that say. You might also like.... And then it seems to have random suggestions. Can you help me? P.s. I like fruit too! If you like pinapple it is a wonderful fruit to mix with other fruit over night. The juice from it does something to other fruit that i can not get enough of! I mix it with berries.. And yummmyy it is so good mixed with kiwi over night. The next morning the kiwi is simply to die for!!!

  2. Oh also, you need to start a section about you and baby lawhorn.. Like you have on the side of your blog.. I am always looking for an update or anything about you and the baby!!

  3. ummm....sooo....i CRAVED fruit when i was pregnant!!! ate it practically every day. could that mean you might be having a girl????? :)


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