Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pizza Date

Last Friday night, Jason and I decided to venture out and find somewhere we hadn't been for dinner. We ended up downtown at Hill City Pizza.

We got a BBQ Chicken pizza that was really yummy!

Sorry for the mid-bite shot, honey. :)

I would complain about how J took a blurry picture, but if the picture were clearer, you would see how ginormous my nose looks. Oh, poor Baby Lawhorn - I hope you don't end up with mommy's nose. Or maybe I just perceive my nose as being ginormous since my sense of smell is so over the top right now.

Did I tell you that I accidentally bought "Mountain Spring" scented laundry detergent instead of "Clean Breeze"? Well, it was a monumental mistake. My clothes smell like a lumber-jack. And I can smell them all. the. time.Yeesh...

And my pizza date post ends with a lumber-jack. Hope you are having a safe and wonderful Thursday! :)

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  1. i might have to start washing matt's clothes in the lumber jack detergent. he likes that kind of stuff... but i'll be keeping the regular smell for my clothes. :)


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