Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Eve @ the Lawhorns

After the Music City Bowl in Nashville, Jason, Hunter, Elizabeth & I made our way to Uncle David and Robin's house for New Year's Eve!
Isn't their home beautiful?! It's up on a hill with all this great land surrounding it. So pretty.

We spent the afternoon chatting away with Robin...

...and then David came home from work and we spent the evening chatting away with both of them!

Now it's time for you to meet their four dogs:



and Tristan

Me & Baby Lawhorn celebrated in style - Welch's style! :)

Robin fixed us a fabulous dinner! We ate, watched Inception, which ended just in time to watch the ball drop at midnight! (An hour later than everyone back home, which was kinda strange - I've never celebrated New Year's in a different time zone!)

And NOW it's time for a funny story: Last time Jason spent the night at David & Robin's, he slept in an upstairs bedroom, and in the middle of the night, he said he felt like someone was watching him and then a lamp came on above his head! When he told Robin about it the next day she told him that the lamp doesn't even work - CREEPY!! So when we got there this time, Robin said she wouldn't make anyone sleep in the haunted room. :) 

We were in the downstairs bedroom and H & E were in an upstairs room. Well, apparently, Hunter and Liz had just turned the light off and were about to go to sleep when all of a sudden their overhead light came on, then went off, then the ceiling fan started up! We didn't know any of this, but we heard all kinds of commotion after we had just started to go to bed ourselves. Turns out - the remote control we used to turn our lights on and off and turn our ceiling fan on ALSO controlled Hunter and Elizabeth's room!!! HAHAHA! So we didn't know it, but this time we were the ghosts! :) 

We had a fabulous time at their house - this may just be a new New Year's Eve tradition! :)

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes! The light story is awesome and now makes perfect sense! Something similar has happened to a friend of mine so I feel ya!


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