Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day 1/11

Another BEAUTIFUL snow day here at our house! (5-6 inches?!)

Dash never knows what to think about snow, and this is definitely the most snow we've ever had! He usually goes down these front steps and easily jumps up into the yard to go potty. However... today, things were looking a little higher than usual. So it took daddy doing a little toss to get him going. :)

They trudged through, but Dash still wasn't convinced that this was fun.

I think this photo tells it all. Hehe! :)

Snooker was crying at the door, so Jason said, well let's just see...

This "indoor only" kitty did not know what to think. Right after this picture he picked her up and she curled up in his jacket. I don't think she'll be crying about wanting to go out anymore!

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