Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sanity and Smiles: 2011

After some good long thought about it, I've decided to do goals again this year! I appreciate your feedback on it, and knowing that you enjoy reading them gives me that extra little kick in the pants to do it.

However, I think I'm going to do things a little differently this year. Instead of trying to put several things in  each specific category every month {Fun, DIY/Crafting, Home, Cooking, Wellness}, I want to make sure each months goals align with my overall "vision" for this year:

In 2011 I want to focus on things that make me sane
and things that make me smile.

Each month I will try to do a few things from each of these two categories.

 Things That Make Me Sane:
*knowing what we're having for dinner {meal planning}
*only going to the grocery store once/wk. {also meal planning}
*saving money & spending it well {envelope system, Mint.com, try couponing again?}
*having a clutter free, homey-feeling house {FlyLady?, still working on this...}

 Things That Make Me Smile:
*spending time with friends {meet friends for lunch regularly, have someone over once a month}
*quality time with my hubby {intentional date night, more dinners at the table}
*singing {no idea how to make this happen more!!!}
*reading {2 books/mo?}

Now okay, okay - you caught me. This is probably more of a first 6 months of 2011 kinda thing. Because let's face it - things are gonna change come July. And when that time comes, I will revisit it. (Like "things that make me sane = getting more than 2 hours of sleep... things like that...)

For now this seems doable and realistic for me! Official January goals to come later today.

Spill it! What are your goals for the year/month?


  1. Sarah, I am glad you are doing your goals. I think that goals are good even if you never cross them off the list. They are a reminder or what you want and need done.

    Also, I see and then read your blog about evelope spending. That is crazy that you mention this because before I was married and before I had Mady, I actually lived out of envolopes. Then when Zak and I got married we decided to do things different. It was funny though because this past Christmas, that it was I did for each person's presents. I had a specific amount in individual envelopes and when the money was gone, the shopping stopped.

    Now what we do is; all money goes into the bank. The ONLY time we swipe the card is for gas. Not gas and a drink.. just gas.. We each have an alloted amount of money in our pocket (usually $100 each) That is the money we spend. If we go out to eat it comes out of that cash. If we want to buy ourself something, it is our cash. This makes us aware of how fast we go through money and who spends more.. not that it really matters. I also save money out of my cash in a secret hidde\ing spot. Another fun thing that comes from this cash in pocket is because we consider the CASH mine or his not ours.. We will say things like.. ill buy you dinner tonight.. or here.. Ill buy the movie. and so on. Kind of makes it fun. Like the envolope, when the cash is gone, then your broke..

    So about the daily meal plans. I have found that if you plan for a week, you will stick to it more. If you plan for 2 weeks and go to the store 1 time, you end up not using everything you bought, things go bad, and you waste money. I have a calender just for the meal plans. We write down what we are eating each night (we usually just do dinner for meal plan) and then that helps us know what we will eat, how long it will take to cook, who needs to cook it-some things i just can not get the hand of- and of course you can always switch it that night if your not in the mood for this or you want that. I honestly say that meal plans make it easier and cheaper when you are at the store. Then if we see something at the store we want, we will ad it to the next week meal plan. GREAT WAY TO LIVE I THINK!! ::word of advise:: your pen, paper, and brain think and write bigger than what your stomach will want for dinner so, salad, side, main dish, another side, it all sounds good together but more than likely you wont eat it all.. WELL YOU MIGHT WITH THAT BABY IN YOU!! :)

    I love your goal of eating at the table. I think it is very important (expe. when baby is here) that you eat at the table with no tv. It is family time, talk time, calm time. I read this article that says at the dinner table you do not discuss work, or money, or anything that has to do with stress.. Now that Madyson talks, dinner is the time where she talks about her day and so on. It is sad that over 50% of families with kids eat in front of the tv.

    ok well I just wrote you an entire blog in itself.ha.. Have a wonderful day!!

  2. I like this Sarah! Sanity and Smiles instead of the actual word "goals." I started my 2nd 365 Photo Project (I didn't quite complete the first one), and I am dedicated to completing this and printing it at the end of the year. I even dedicated a new blog to it. Yes, things will change in July, but maybe, just maybe if you try to keep up with some of your sanity/smile items it will make your new baby transition easier.


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