Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Projects - AFTER Pt.1

Okay, first of all, let me just say WOW!!! You guys are amazing!! In my plea for help on Friday, I had 7 comments, 2 emails, 2 BLOG POSTS, and 2 phone calls in response!! You guys are awesome!!

A little too awesome, maybe, since the vote was basically split down the middle. Therefore making it completely impossible for me to decide! So let's start with the first project and I'll tell you about the second one at the end . :)

Remember this picture?
My little corner of craziness? Junk on top, junk in the drawers, junk in the trunk. Just junk.

Well, after about 15-20 minutes, this is what it looks like now! Simple, easy, shoulda done it a year ago.

I moved my two current books into the top drawer, along with medicine, hair rubber bands, chapstick, and that good ol flashlight. I realized I had been taking my jewelry off once I got in bed and left it on top of the nighstand, so I corralled it all with a small Wilton bowl. (This is one of those cases where I know my habits, and rather than think I will now start taking my jewelry off earlier and putting it in my jewelry box in the bathroom... I just accepted it, and put a pretty bowl out to hold it all.)

Also, do you see the little silver doggie with the long tail? When my mom gave me my "right-hand-ring" for college graduation, she gave me this little doggie and said that every time I took the ring off, it had to go RIGHT THERE or else... shewasgonnakillme. I listen to my mommy. So that's where my rings go.

Dash got a little bored while I was working:
Come on, dude - it was like 15 minutes!

So as for the entry area project... really, I'm still torn. I had completely decided to do the console table, had one at Target picked out and was planning to knock it all out on Saturday. Then I actually asked my husband what HE would like in that space, and he prefers the bench idea. And benches are harder to find at stores (you can order them, but that defeated my "weekend timeline").

Then I talked to my wonderful mother-in-law who let me know about an antique auction that will be going on this coming weekend, that has several buffet-type tables that I could get a good deal on, and Jason said that it would be better to get a good piece of furniture that's going to last, than to go buy something quickly just to finish a project. And I agree.

So in short, I'm moving my weekend project to a January project. My new goal is to have the entry updated by the end of the month. I'm waiting until this weekend to go to the auction and see what I can find, and go from there.

Thank you again for all of your fabulous suggestions (drawings, links, explanations) - you guys rocked my socks off!

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