Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekend Projects - HELP!

This weekend I have two (hopefully do-able) projects I want to tackle - my bedside table and our entry area.

First of all, my bedside table is a stinkin' mess! Books, cups, jewelry, dead flowers (yikes) - and that's just the top! Inside I have stashed books, pictures, medicine, is that a flashlight?, papers, clothes (in the second drawer that's not open)... it's outta control. I'll bet if I just had what I needed in there, I would be a happy girl. So this is one do-able project for the weekend.

The other project is our entry area. And here's where I need some advice!
(Sorry about the early morning cell phone picture.)

The coat rack stays (though it needs a good purge), and of course the green box with Christmas stuff is going into storage asap. But, I have two different ideas for this space, that both require purchasing a new piece of furniture.
Option 1: An entry bench where you can sit and put your shoes on, with baskets for shoes underneath, and the mirror would be hung horizontally above. The downside for me is I don't know what I would do about the space from the top of the bench to the bottom of the mirror, since the bench would be lower and the mirror would be hung at normal height... ideas?

Option 2: A console table with a bowl for keys, a spot for mail, lamps on either end, and the mirror horizontally above. I always pictured this space having a higher table (right now it's the coffee table from my apt.), but once I thought about the bench, I like that too.

Blogging world - I beseech you! Help me with my entry way!


  1. Well I am no designer, for that you'd have to ask my sister, but I thought I would throw my 2 cents in. Option 1 with the bench would be cute, especially if you added a shelf or some way to display the accessories you have on the coffee/entry table (like the photos and plaque). You don't necessarily need to do anything between the mirror and the bench. You want some blank space so you're not knocking everything off the walls as you're trying to get ready to go out the door. That said, this option makes the most sense if you always put your shoes on AT the door, not before. Though I could see the bench being handy if you will still be exiting through the front door once Baby L. is around. Option 2, with the console table is a more "grown up" option, and a slightly more formal style. It would give you a place to display the accessories you have out, and also space for the mail, your purse as you're putting a jacket on, etc.

    I guess my best advice would be to think about how you actually use the space and then how you see yourself using it after the redo (I also have to ask myself: am I really going to do that?) Let that guide your decisions.

  2. I think both options are great ones, and it depends on how you want to use it. If this is your 'landing pad' for keys, mail, etc, the console makes sense. IF this is where you dump shoes and jackets, I'd go with the benches. It looks like the latter is the case, and I would just add a few large pillows to the bench to give it height and a shelf with a mirror above instead of a simple mirror. I think that would tie it together well.

  3. Ok, I have a few options for you to think about for your entry area. One, as Kim says, add some pillows to the existing coffee table, hang the mirror, and go buy a floating shelf to hang under the mirror for accessories. You can always add another shelf later if you find Jason puts his keys, phone, etc. there too. Alternately, and this takes a little more $$$- Do a console table with the basket for shoes underneath, and a small dining-size chair beside it (in the current green tote location) as your spot to put shoes on and off.

  4. I like option #1 best-it's simple and classic. Also, you may find you don't need anything "in the middle"-so to speak-of the bench and mirror. If you still want something, maybe get one of those decals that says something about family, or homes, or something. They're a cute way to make a great and easy detail for the home.


    Click that.. or copy it to your browser. Not sure how to link it. It is my entry way. And well, it has both of what you are thinking about. I personally like the shoe bench but I hate shoes in the floor. You can add shelf above the shoe bench a little lower for the basket with keys. or a small shelf to the side of it so you can still sit down. Here are a few more example of what you can do..


    check that out.. she used a taller table and put pictures across where you would put your long mirror. if you used taller accessories like a lamp kinda like she used candles it would look good.

  7. i'm sure you have already made your decision by now but i love the idea of having a bench! i wish so badly that we had an entryway.
    Centsational Girl just posted a very cute one, and i've seen some great plans on Ana White to make it yourself.

    definitely share your progress once you fix it up! :)


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