Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gender Poll!

Alrighty my friends - it's time to hear your thoughts. Our nusery is staying green, but do you think it will be accented with PINK or BLUE?
I've added a poll to the top right hand of the blog asking if you think Baby Lawhorn is a boy or a girl, so PLEASE vote! I'd love to see what you guys are thinking.

If you have special reasoning behing your vote, feel free to leave comments on this post! Or if you have questions that you think will help "aid your guess", go ahead and ask and I will answer in this post.

Let's hear it: BOY or GIRL?!


  1. well, I think it is a boy. I hope it is a girl because you would be so cute with a little girl (not that you wouldnt with a boy) but I just have a feeling that it is a boy. I can not wait for you to start talking about names!!!

    p.s. I am still waiting on pics of your belly..

  2. Girl! I don't know why, just see you and Jason with a little girl. :)


Even if it's just to say "You so silly, Sarah" - please feel free to leave comments!


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