Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Handmade Art for the Guest Room

Remember when I talked about wanting to finish up our guest room? Well, one thing I've been trying to come up with is some art for the wall above the bed. And Sunday I finally decided to stop thinking and start doing.

I had two small canvases from a loooooong time ago that are painted brown (matching the dresser in the guest room) and I knew I could do something with them. So I bought some inexpensive craft paint from Walmart...

...set up a little area, and got to it!

I knew I wanted abstract swirling lines, so I just grabbed the brush and started with no real direction.

I bought both white-white and cream paints because I thought I would try to do some detail work (but I didn't)... the picture above is with white then below I just painted right over the white with the cream You probably can't even tell the difference, but I like the look of the cream a little better.

Then with a couple 3M picture strips I hung them up!

Don't you LOVE them?? I really really do. (And I think it looks like a dog head, which is funny, but totally unintentional.)
This room is definitely getting closer to beautiful! :)
{Thanks in great part to Miss Alexandra!}


  1. the bed looks great! that white comforter was definitely waiting to help make all the pretty patterns stand out on the end of your bed :)
    love the art :) you are so fun.

  2. What a beautiful room :-) I might just have to come visit so I can stay in there! lol

  3. Your room looks so cozy and comfy and friendly. Great work! Love the artwork, too.


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