Monday, February 22, 2010

MPM: February Week 4

Last weeks meal plan was... not... followed. {Whoops!} I was sick on and off for the majority of the week, so it should have read: Monday - chicken noodle soup, Tuesday - chicken noodle soup...

We did have grilled chicken (marinated in Newman's Own balsamic vinaigrette and cooked on the George Foreman - sooooooo easy) on Monday which was very good, but a few meals from last week will be rolling over since we have everything we need to make them. We also have a few nights out with friends/family this week!

Sunday: hamburger steaks with gravy, onions, and mushrooms (sooooooooo good. seriously, please try this!)
Monday: dinner at the Millers house
Tuesday: out to eat with Kristin R. (since we didn't get to last week)
Wednesday: crockpot orange chicken (my new recipe for the month)
Thursday: chicken and black bean quesadillas (what do you typically marinate chicken in before you cook and shred it up for quesadillas? do tell!)
Friday/Saturday: chili at some point?

(Check out for more menu plans!)


  1. Hi Sarah. Thanks for visiting my blog "Beautiful Madness" - thought I would show you my most recent blog about how we did the cabinet transformation:
    Now, I'm anxious to look around here- seems like you've got some great info to check out!

  2. I must try the crock pot orange chicken. Sounds great.


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