Thursday, February 4, 2010

HELP! Me Finish: The Guest Room

Okay, remember about a year ago when my boyfriend bought a house with a room that looked like THIS?

We dubbed it "the horse room" and ripped the carpet up before you could say yippie-ki-yay. Then it looked like this:

Then one weekend my mom and I painted it a beautiful green and over time we've put some furniture in it and now in addition to being called "the horse room", it's called "the guest room", "the green room", and "Missy's room". Below is what it looks like RIGHT NOW: (obviously I didn't clean up one bit - for the purpose of a great before picture, of course)
(Picture #1)

Here's the bed, given to us by Jason's grandparents...
(Picture #2)

...Remember it from my apartment? The bedding is the same, just flipped on the striped side instead of the circles, plus a pretty white comforter we got at a wedding shower.

The dresser is from my old bedroom and oh yes, if you didn't already notice, the horse curtains are STILL ALIVE!!!!!!
(Picture #3)

(Picture #4)

So here's where you come in! I would really love for you to help me finish this room. The wall color, bed/bedding, dresser, and mirror stay, but really everything else probably needs a new home. And we need new curtains. Like yesterday.

What decorative touches would you put in here? Above the bed? On the wall to the left of the bed (in picture #2)? Move the bed altogether? What color/style curtains? Anything you can possibly think of to finish this space, I would LOVE to hear it! Links, pictures, detailed analysis - heck, I'd love a "moodboard" if you wanna go that far! :)


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  1. i just emailed you a REALLY long design idea for this room :)


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