Monday, February 8, 2010

MPM: February Week 2

If you remember from last week, I'm trying to save time and money by menu planning for the week. One of my February goals is to do this for 2 weeks and this is my second week, though I'm definitely going to try to do this for the whole month.

I think one of the best things about it is having a plan at the grocery store. Now don't get me wrong, I shop with a general plan anytime I go, but it's more like "I'm buying chicken because I'm sure we'll eat chicken at some point this week" and same with beef, pork -whatever. Then when I'm driving home from work, I'm wondering if I have everything I need for dinner that night, and usually end up stopping at the store (WHICH I HATE!). Now when I go, I know if I need to get a seasoning packet or a certain side dish to go with the specific meals I have planned.

With all that in mind, last week we didn't follow our plan strictly. We did have chicken and rice casserole and pork chops, but we ended up having potato soup on Wednesday and eating at my parents house on Thursday. So I also know that I have to be flexible and not be upset when the week doesn't turn out like I planned. So here's the GENERAL GUIDELINES for this week:

Sunday: ham
Monday: fried chicken
Tuesday: hamburger steaks and gravy
Wednesday: pot roast (that we didn't end up having last week)
Thursday: leftovers
Friday/Saturday: out to eat or "fix what you can find" :)

I know that Sarah is doing her best to cook dinner at home more and not eat out, and this helps us to not eat out as much too! What about you guys?

(Check out for more menu plans!)

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