Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hamburger Steaks and Gravy

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Last night I made a new (to me) recipe - hamburger steaks and gravy.

Mmmmm, don't you just love raw meat.
So you mix 1lb of ground beef with 1 egg, 1tbsp of worchestershire sauce, and some oats or bread crumbs. Separate into however many patties you want (the recipe said 8, I started with 6, then decided to do 8 instead).
Heat 1 tbsp of oil on medium high heat and add the meat to the pan.
Oh yeah and add some onions if your husband begs you to.

Cook for about 4-5 minutes on each side.
Then they will look beautiful and yummy like this. Since I did 8 and have a smaller pan, I did two batches.
The recipe I was following tells you how to make your own gravy from the drippings, but that makes me super nervous, so McCormick to the rescue, as always. I used their brown gravy mix and followed the simple directions.
Then I put all the cooked patties and onions back in the pan...
And poured the gravy on top.
Mmmmm... it was reeeeeally good.

So what did YOU have for dinner last night?

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  1. We were lazy and had grilled cheese and tomato soup. Trader Joe's has the best canned tomato soup though! It makes me feel like I made it myself. ha!


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