Sunday, February 21, 2010

Trying to Make a New Habit: Recycling

Jason and I have been trying to be more conscious of not tossing plastic, cardboard, paper, and cans into the trash. But we didn't have anywhere to put recyclables, we ended up with a mound of said items in a pile next to our trash can... for 2 weeks.

When we took our stuff to the recycle center near our house yesterday, Jason made the point that there is something gratifying about recycling, and that we should try harder to make it a habit. So today we purchased 2 inexpensive rubbermaid containers so that we can make this new habit a no-brainer.

I labeled them "Plastics & Aluminum Cans" and "Mixed Paper & Cardboard" - ingenious, if I do say so myself. And while they're not sleekly hidden in a cabinet or closet (yet), they are easily accessable, right where that lovely pile used to be. Plus they're easier to transport to the recycle center. Boo-yah.

Do you recycle? Do you have any other tips for making this a habit?


  1. We do recycle. We enrolled in curbside, and we just put it all out together, we don't have to sort the recyclables, which is nice. We just have an extra garbage can for recycling. It works well for us. =) Good luck with recycling! It's worth it!

  2. We have been for about 3 years now and it is amazing how much less garbage we have! We have similar bins and you know recycle comes to our street twice a month! On Wednesdays, I think the 2nd and last. Just came this past week. We just put the bins out and they toss it in! You can call 311 for all the info. Sometimes if I forget we take it to the center, which is easy too. Makes me feel better about our wastefulness!


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