Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stuff I Wanna Eat

While browsing blogs each week, I am always finding recipes that look so yummy. I recently started using to save them, whereas before I would print it out and it would 1) sit in my car for eternity or 2) sit on my kitchen table for eternity and 3) then be thrown away. Or I would email myself the link. Which is remotely helpful, but if I opened it and left it in my inbox I would never "see" it again, so I would leave it as new, but then be frustrated when there was that (1) new message staring me in the face. (Anyone else out there with me?)

So with delicious I've been able to save these recipes (and house projects, crafts, etc.) that I want to remember without having to print, add to favorites, or email myself. And what's great is that I will forget I have saved them and then it's this great treasure chest of yummy recipes just waiting to be made (waiting until after I'm done being sick, that is).

Here are a few I've bookmarked that I can't wait to try:

(I think I got this recipe off of Amy's blog a while ago...)

So if you notice here or on my delicious site, I have a thing for orange, peanut butter, and zucchini. Just not together.
Share some favorite recipes or ones you're dying to try!

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