Monday, February 1, 2010

MPM: February Week 1

In an effort to spend less by buying only what I need, and also to have a clue what we're having for dinner each night, I am (again) attempting meal planning. :)

I know myself and my limits, so I'm only planning 4 homemade meals each week, and I'm going to be fairly flexible on when we have them (unless it's a crock pot meal where I have to plan in advanced). We already had the chance to be flexible yesterday when I realized that my pork for pork chops was frozen solid... whoops. (See, this will hopefully help me avoid situations like that!) Luckily chicken was thawed and ready to cook so we just switched Sunday and Monday!

Sunday: chicken and rice casserole (aka "non-poppyseed" poppyseed chicken)
Monday: pork chops
Tuesday: taco salad
Wednesday: pot roast

This weekend I will be shopping for the next TWO WEEKS and planning meals accordingly, so we'll see how it turns out and if it's something I want to make a part of our regular routine! Check out for more menu plans!

Do you menu plan?

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  1. Happy "First" Meal Plan Monday! It is really a blast and your menu looks great. Hope you enjoy it too! Have a sweet week!


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