Sunday, February 14, 2010

Live Like No One Else: Personal Money (or "how we stay sane")

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Friday I talked about the beginning of our journey with the Dave Ramsey principles. Today, I want to highlight one of the best parts about our budget - personal money.

Think of it as our grown up allowance.

This is MY money that I get to do whatever I want to with. Like... go out to eat for lunch instead of bringing it from home, or... go on a small shopping spree and not feel bad about it, or... save it up for a while and get something BIG!

Before we were married, we had several conversations discussions arguments when one of us would spend money on something the other didn't think was a necessary item. We definitely didn't want to fight about money, and we knew it was going to cause strain on our relationship if we didn't address it.

Fast forward to the glorious present where we have personal money. Now if he (or I) gets a notion of making a big purchase (or small purchase, even), I will just say, "that's great babe!" because I know that he knows it's coming out of his personal money. And vice versa. :)

All joking aside, our personal money makes our budget worth following. It gives us the freedom to spend a certain amount how we (individually) want to. No questions asked. {And when we're trimming our budget in other areas, we do our best not to touch the personal money... because it's preccccccccccccious to us.}

Do you have personal money?
(Do you want to? Haha!)

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  1. i agree with ramsey's take on personal money a lot... though i don't know much about his program other than that it's awesome! (and i do know a lot about the collegiate version of his lessons because we do them with our seniors!)

    in our family we both have extra jobs that we do out of love for it, the desire to be in top shape physically (F) and instrumentally (me) and because we get extra money. F refs and I teach... and THAT is some fun money. great concept. GREAT! way to go ramsey.

    and i am also so glad it is going so great for you guys!


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