Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Water Week

When I saw Kristin twitter about giving up Diet Cokes, I remembered that somewhere in my February goals I said I was going to drink only water for a week. Oh yeah? That was in there? Somewhere near the workout one, right? Yeah, it seems they have both slipped my mind...

Anyway, starting Monday, I gave up Cokes (i.e. all carbonated beverages for those who don't live in the south) because I was afraid they were somehow contributing to my sickness. Though I have not stuck strictly to water (I can't give up my hot tea!), I have given up Cokes for a total of 2.5 days now. That's big. Especially since there is 1 Pepsi and 1 Mountain Dew laughing at me from my fridge.

So while I didn't exactly mean for this to be my "water week", I'm going to go ahead and designate it, since I'm already farther than I expected to be! And c'mon, tea is just flavored water, right? Right?! Right.

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  1. oh see. ..i argue that coke is just flavored water too....
    ps- i was too lazy to sign in.


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