Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What I Hate...

I hate grocery shopping. Well, let's say, I hate grocery shopping after work. When I'm tired. And I hate grocery shopping when it's crowded. And I hate grocery shopping when I don't have a plan.

Well, yesterday Jason and I went shopping (did I tell you he hates it too?... probably b/c I take forever...) and I HAD A PLAN. I had made out a grocery list and have planned to make TWO REAL MEALS this week, rather than just "scrounging" around for dinner. And with a plan, guess what? We spent less time there and less money on all the stuff!! I also had written out my list in the order of the store... which was SUPER helpful! I've always made fun of my mom for that (sorry Mom) but we just buzzed right through and could skip aisles we knew we didn't need to go down.

Then when I got back to my apartment (which I am leaving in 10 days!!) I went ahead and cut up all the strawberries and put them in a Lock & Lock, and cut up lettuce, cucumbers, and other salad things so that this morning I could just grab them and go!

Yummmm... is it lunchtime yet??


  1. Girl, I am feeling you on the grocery shopping, now that I am at home more and doing this coupon thing, it has gotten a lot better. Having a 2 year old to entertain is the only obstacle course I face. So I just want to know what happened in that pic? Was that in the store you went to?

  2. I have some great couponing and money saving tips for grocerys/ health and beauty products for after wedding/honeymoon if you are interested. I have a feeling you will like them


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