Monday, July 27, 2009

Internet Gadgets

I'm discovering a use for some of the internet gadgets I've had access to for a while! I use gmail (ah-mazing - if you're on it, let me know yours so we can gchat) but I'm just now starting to use the calendar feature. I have a personal and a work calendar and I even downloaded a sync application that syncs it up with my Outlook at work. That way, if I'm checking my personal email at night and think - "oh gosh - what time is that meeting tomorrow?" it will show up on my gmail calendar. So that's cool.

Then there are also tasks. Now, I'm not about to give up my love for a good 'ol fashioned piece of paper, but the task bar is pretty sweet. I've decided I like to check things off digitally just about as much as I like to cross them off on paper. And dude, I've got a LOT going on in the next TWO WEEKS!!! so I will need all the help I can get to keep it organized.

Twitter... oh, Twitter. I forget about you (as Kasey pointed out last month- haha!) I probably won't give any kind of regular updates, but it IS pretty cool to know what people are up to. Not in a creepy stalker kind of way. Because that's not what Twitter is, right? (Oh, and I narcissistically love my profile picture on there. Thanks Becca!)

Oh yeah, and but that's a given at this moment in time. I have about 20 things left to check off, so hopefully I will get it all taken care of!

That's all for now.

What are your online LIFE SAVERS and gadgets?

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  1. I love Gmail and the Google Calendar - use the calendar for our family calendar at home, print each month and stick it on the fridge.

    Hang in there - it's all coming together!!


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