Friday, July 31, 2009

The Close of a Chapter

It's OFFICIAL. I no longer live in Apartment 8B1. Kinda sad, kinda EXCITING... it's a mixture of many emotions.

Yesterday while I was at work, Sam and Mom moved the couches, entertainment center, bed, bedside tables, and dresser, so when I got home last night - this is what it looked like. (Look at poor Dash in the back.. hehehe)

So I realize I never posted a picture of what the living room looked like BEFORE (hopefully I actually took one... hmmm...) but here's the post with pictures from when I moved in!

This afternoon I will give it one more good sweep (because I'm 99% sure I left my robe hanging on the back of the bedroom door... how we missed this, I do not know) and then it's time to turn in the key and shut the door on the chapter of living alone. I'm SOOOO glad that I made the decision to move out last fall - I do not regret one minute of it. But I'm super excited to have a week with my family and then on to my NEW FAMILY:

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