Wednesday, August 5, 2009

For He's a Jolly Good Fellow!

Jason's work had a party for us today!!! And boy, I tell you what - this cake was YUMMY!!!!!!!! I got to meet a lot of his co-workers and see where he works in the ITCC. Everyone was so sweet and they got him a miteor saw!!! HOW AWESOME!! As he said, "Finally a gift for me!" after we've receieved all these awesome kitchen items. I keep reminding him that he WILL get the benefit of them when I make our fantastic meals every night... or attempt to.

THREE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!


  1. What a gorgeous cake! That was so sweet of them! By the time I see you tomorrow, it will only be TWO days!!! Can you believe it? I am so happy for you and SO bummed I won't be here to see you get married.

  2. Or the fact that HE can ALSO definitely use the kitchen items as well.... ummm yeah. Don't let him fool you.

  3. GOOD point, Em Thrasher! David uses more kitchen utensils than me for sure!!


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