Monday, October 13, 2008

(FINALLY) Pictures from the Move

HERE IT IS!!!! Finally - pictures from the move. Something I wiggled around on the internet box finally "clicked" and now the wireless is working! YAY!

Remember this? Yeah, me neither.

This was my car on trip numero uno.

Packing up the BIG load!!

My bedroom - BEFORE and AFTER!
(Okay there's still some need for more AFTER-ness to this after.)

The kitchen!! (...again, a room lacking the ooomph factor.)

The cutesy cute bathroom!! I love it. :)

The other side. (Yeesh! at that 70s counter-top!)

Well, that's all the apartment pictures for now. I'M LOVIN' IT!!!!!!!!!!


  1. your bathroom (and whole apartment) is so cute! i am so happy for you! ...and i love your vera bradley bag in your car :)

    new apartments are so exciting! YAY!

    Let's get together soon! I'm always free for lunches :)

  2. ok, I have the same shower curtain in my bathroom in Chattanooga. Crazy. Brown and Turquoise is the color of the wise and women of good taste!


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