Monday, October 13, 2008

Day Trip to NC

After emailing for a few weeks with my Aunt Ginny, my family decided that it was time for a visit! She lives in Miami but has a cabin in North Carolina (about 3 hours from us), so it's much easier for us to visit her in NC instead of Miami. Dad, Mom, Nick, and I hopped in the car yesterday and made the trip to the cabin.

The beautiful views out the front window!
We ate at the Frog and Owl restaurant in Franklin and I was a little bit concerned about what they served... but it was really yummy!

The downtown area was so cute, but since it was Sunday, nothing was open!

My goofy little bro bro. You can't tell but he's standing in front of this little shop that had kilts and other Scottish apparel. Nick is mimicking the mannequin who is wearing a beautiful skirt.

The adorable garden area in the town square.
The amazing view from the back porch of the cabin.
Ginny's puppy-babies: Xi (pronounced Zee), Taz, and Dirk (from left to right).
The super cool swinging bridge right down the hill from the cabin.
The reflection off the water.
Our family picture! (Dad, me, Aunt Ginny, Nick, Mom)
We had a BLAST!!

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  1. I love your long hair! Ah, getting away sounds sooo good right now. With Disney letting you go free for your birthday, I told John maybe he could take me there for my birthday. (convincing him it will really be "free" is the challenge!) I will be praying for your sweet friend and her speedy recovery. Your comments on the above blog are very true. So here goes,
    I love you in Christ and am so glad that I got to be with you for the short time I did. In heaven we will get to hang out more, and that will be amazing! Proud of how God is growing you into a woman after Him and you are going to make a Proverbs 31 wife. I pray the Lord keep you as an encourager and that I get to hear of the Glory you bring to our Father.


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