Friday, October 31, 2008

Work. Gotta love it.

That rockstar drummer is my boss, Brian. And who's the babe on the guitar? That's my co-worker, Rachel. This is what we do. This is called work. (Being on the "Walmart Team" also means working with Sam's Clubs and Wednesday we had a product demo for Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion and so we wanted to go check it out. Somehow we got a little lost...)

This picture is the best - again, Brian and Rachel (same song, different angle) but guess who's in the background? JASON ROREX!!!! HAHAHA!!! And like 30 seconds later, he's like so what are you doing, and my other boss Megan said "She's at work."
Another funny thing about this picture is that (and you can't really see him) Jaime the preacher for Red Bank's Hispanic church is looking over his shoulder right in between Rachel and Brian. I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!


  1. This is awesome. I just saw Rorex on campus while I was filming a video for an e-solicitation we are working on. He came for class, but didn't make it until it was almost out! ha ha... he didn't even attempt to go

  2. I loved Jaime. He would say, "Hello, Henneefer..." when I saw him and I loved how I was also an HHHH sound by name. Anyway, I haven't blogged in a century, still haven't, but working on it tonight maybe? Ok, saw HSM 3 and started to tear up at the end. I felt like a freaking dork. Oh yeah, and was in a theater full of 9-12 year old girls. Opinion: LOVED IT! got the soundtrack and all. Having girl children really comes in handy at times. I'll catch you up on my life in a few hours with pictures hopefully.

    p.s. i want your job...


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