Monday, October 27, 2008

Catching Up!

Remember last week when I told you about my morning? (Okay, minus showering, brushing teeth, etc - c'mon, those are minor.)

Well, here's my little stinker hooked on to the fridge (so he'll actually sit for 5 minutes to eat).

And see, I wasn't lying about him spilling his water - EVERY DAY!!

Anyway, this weekend Jason's family and I went to the TN game!! It was a later game so we spent a long time just waiting for everything to begin. And (unfortunately for J) his mom LOVES to take pictures. I am all for it because I'm all about scrapbooking, blogging, and everything else, but... um... as you can see from the slightly annoyed face below... Jason is less than thrilled with the 257th picture of the day.

Our McCain/Palin stickers - and one that said "NOBAMA (however you want to say it)"

Sunday, Jason and I headed up to Gatlinburg where I finally rode those ski-lift chairs for the FIRST TIME!! :) It was fun.

My other little stinker.

Oh yeah, and then we decided to drive to NC to the casino - just for fun!! We set our little budget (very little, mind you) and played the $0.05 and $0.01 slots for little while. We won $25! (Okay, then we spent it, but we won it!)
(Oh yeah, I have to tell Jen this - I saw HSM with my mom on Friday night. Amazing. Ah-mazing. ::sigh::... too bad I'm way too old to express my true feelings for this movie.)


  1. About HSM...I loved the first two (I own the first one, not ashamed to admit!) But I can't find anyone lame/cool enough to see HSM 3 with me. I'm so glad that another 20-something year old appreciates musicals at their finest! ha!

  2. I will be seeing it on Election Day. I hope they give us stickers like you get when you go vote. You know, "I voted today". I could always make my own Zac Effron sticker. The girls are so fired up. And there is always popcorn...

    As for Halloween, I'll be wearing the latest fashion from 08 Starbucks (* $, i short handed this in an email, is this lame?) and the girls will be going in 80's fashion. From my closet. I'll do pictures from that and the run, hopefully, and catch you up. I need your email. I'm checking your home page now...


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