Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Every Morning

Hello all. I just thought I would share a couple things that regularly happen around my good 'ol apartment.

Every morning:
  • I get up (early), get ready, and take the dog out to pee (he does!! YAY!!). But then even if he has to go #2, he wants to come inside, get about 2 sips of water, and then whine about how he has to poop. Then we go back outside, he goes, and we come in for breakfast.
  • Since I have no dining furniture (and because Dash wants me to stare at him while he eats) I sit on the kitchen floor and eat toast or a poptart while he eats breakfast.
  • EVERY MORNING he takes his little paw and pretends as if he needs to dig his water out of a well, spilling it all over the kitchen floor (which gets cleaned every morning now, mind you).
  • Something super cute related to all that is that he also thinks he needs to dig for his food, so he'll dig at his bowl, or take a piece out, set it down and then dig at it, just to see if he can get it out of that deep, dark, fake wood linoleum flooring. It's quite adorable. :)
  • Okay so I take Dash out in the same shoes EVERY MORNING - they look similar to these: except mine are hot pink and lime green tye-dye. And EVERY MORNING (it's literally happened 6 times in 2 weeks) I walk out to my car in my spiffy work outfit, complete with clown colored crocs. Upon realizing this, I have to go BACK inside, find different shoes, say the whole "Goodbye sweetheart - you're a good doggy" routine, and head back out the door.

(I love it.)


  1. I have some hideous (but soooo cozy) leopard print slippers that I wear around the apartment...there have been plenty of times that I've walked out to my car with them on! haha I can totally relate!

  2. i love your morning schedule breakdown! :) I feel like I know Dash now- he sounds like an awesome friend! I wish I could get up in the mornings and hang ot with my horses :P

  3. do you not shower, brush teeth, watch some Good Morning America? At least get in the Good Morning America, Dash will love it. The other stuff can wait! BTW, your stove is spotless! How is this possible? I'm jealous.


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