Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Does this mean I'm a grownup now?

HIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!! Didja miss me?! Okay, well just to go ahead and warn - no pictures today. Sorry. The thing is: I have internet, it just doesn't work yet. Why my computer can't seem to just connect with an ethernet cord, why it has to be so snobby and only accept wireless - I don't know. Luckily for me, my good buddy Ray-Ray (who might have a blog, but you can't access it because of his privacy settings... just sayin.) is letting me have a wireless router!! WHOO HOO!! Saving $30-50 is always a joyous occasion in my book. :) So now he's given it to Alex to give to me, but I never see her and haven't had a chance to go up the mtn. to get it. Soooooo all that to say - no pictures today.

Here are some one-liners about my MOVING DAY WEEKEND!!!!!
  • Moving was cRaZy.
  • I was a stress ball.
  • THREE HOUR Walmart trip - not strolling around, but power shopping.
  • Not caring what kind of ziploc bags my mom put in my stinkin' cart.
  • My beautiful bed that's easier to make than at home. :)
  • MY OWN CLOSET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Becca and Keith to the rescue at Walmart, when I was at my lowest point. :)
  • Sam and Jason doing all the heavy lifting on moving day.
  • My mom's sweet spirit and fun attitude towards the whole process.
  • Having that precious little puppy all to myself!
  • Teaching that "precious little puppy" that we don't use the bathroom in the house. (he's doing great!!)
  • Watching Iron Man on a lazy Sunday afternoon with my two favorite guys (Jason and Dash).
  • Making COOKIES whenever I want!!

I promise I'll post pictures of each room as SOON as I get the chance!! :)

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  1. Hey girl!

    It's great that you finally have your own apartment! Moving is crazy...and let me tell you moving across the country was probably the most insane thing I've ever done. I'm not sure I'll ever be that stressed out again!


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