Friday, October 17, 2008

Praise Praise Praise!!

To update you on my friend Lindsay: She is HOME!! They got to go home on Wednesday, just a few days after the wreck. She is still in pain but recovering like a champ. I wanted you all to know about THAT praise and this one:

BABY KATE IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kate Elizabeth was born yesterday at 11:47 am and from all the adorable pictures I've seen, she is the most precious thing!! I had been sick on Wednesday night, and still feeling a little icky yesterday, and dadgumit was I MAD that I was like the ONLY ONE who didn't get to see her yesterday!!!! ::sigh:: I hate that it turned out that way, but until I knew for sure that I was 100% better, I didn't want to get Kate, Becca, or Keith sick if I had something contagious.

Today I'm feeling A-OK and ready to love on the newest addition to all of our families. I consider her my niece just as if it was my own sister that had a baby, because we are all a family. And I can't wait to spend the years watching her grow up in a loving family -- with all the aunts any kid could ever want!!

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