Friday, March 20, 2009

"I'd Like to Poll the Audience, Regis"

For our very first vacation together - where in the world should my future hubby and I go for our honeymoon? If you're married, where did you go? Would you recommend it? If you're not, where would you want to go, or where have you been on another vacation that was amazing?

Basically, we've "narrowed it down" to either an all-inclusive resort or a cruise and somewhere warm like the Caribbean or Mexico. Yeah, REAL narrow list.

WHAT DO YOU THINK?! All advice appreciated!


  1. I vote to go to Key West. I have never been there but my roomies just went...said they didn't feel very safe in nassau because they were walking around on stop from their cruise. (they said if you go and stay at like the Atlantis you would have a blast because it is like your own little bubble) and also it would make me nervous if you went to Mexico. There is just so much crime there right now that all schools are warning students not to go there right now. So if you want warm I would go to Key West maybe but that is just my vote. I would love to go on a cruise over in Europe...I don't know how you feel about that but I am sure it would be amazing. Whatever you choose It will be wonderful! Love you! P.S. It was SO great to see you last weekend and I am super excited you got your dress!

  2. I have not forgotten you friend and I hoped you got my text on "the night". I'm so excited and have just updated myself on all of your plans. So fun. So here's were we went, Cancun! 5 days and fun trips and amazing hotels and the best part (super cheap). Then we went to Key West on lobstering trip 3 days later. Basically a 2 week honeymoon. So I vote with Becca and go to BOTH Mexico and Key West. That would be fun! I am so happy for you and Jason. I miss you both.

  3. Kirby and Daniel went to Alcopolco (yes, I botched that spelling...) Mexico though and LOVED it! They went to super fun restaurants, there was plenty to do, but not too much that it stopped them from just staying in their room/sitting on the beach for a few days. :) They have a really cool "cliff diving" thing that apparently that area is known for. Every where they went though, they were offered a "coco-loco" lol which was a fruity, cocktail served in a coconut shell! haha They said that got old turning it down so much...but that was really all that I heard from them as far as "complaints" go if you can count that as a complaint. Katie and Lee did a package thing with Disney world--but that's not on your narrowed down list or anywhere close to it so I won't put up all of those details! ha But seriously--how fun is it to plan your honeymoon?!?! (Not that I know, just guessing it would be

  4. We went to Aruba. It was FABULOUS! There are some all-inclusives there, so you should check it out. Simply gorgeous. We had a blast. Just go ahead and know that you are going to be exhausted the first day or so you are there, so plan for lots of rest! We were so tired after the wedding and everything leading up to it! :) My sister and her husband went to Puerto Vallarta (sp?) in Mexico and really enjoyed it. AND, last summer, we went to an all-inclusive (Dreams Resort) in Tulum, Mexico for Chad's brother's wedding...they got married there. IT was a TON of fun! :) Hope this helps!

  5. Our cruise was fantastic! For our honeymoon we went to Nassau and Freeport, Bahamas. In Freeport, we just got off the boat and there was a little straw market and we just walked around. But in Nassau we took a taxi ($3/person/way- very reasonable) to Atlantis! It was beautiful! We tried to get day passes to ride the water slides and everything, but they weren't selling them when we went, but we still spent the whole day there walking around! And there was a public beach adjacent to it, so we spent some time laying out! Last spring we went to Key West, Cozumel and Belize on a cruise and very much enjoyed those places. Cruising is so easy!!! Once you're on the ship, you don't have to pay for anything extra if you don't want to! Food is good, nightly entertainment is fun! We did excursions in Key West and Cozumel and thoroughly enjoyed those! It's such a great vacation! Especially since you'll be so tired from the wedding, etc! And cruises go out of Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale and allegiant air has cheap flights out of chattanooga to both of those places!

  6. Yes. Do the beach thing. While Greece was amazing because it's Greece, the monsoon got in the way more than a bit and they don't prize their hotels there quite like they do other places. I would go more for the resort than the cruise b/c of the room :) and because there's a lot of pressure on a cruise to be doing a lot and you're not likely going to want your schedule so packed.


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