Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 8 1/2: Muuuuuuch Better

YAYYYY!!! Okay, so last night we experienced registering at its best! We had so much fun and got a TON accomplished. Though we still have no idea what kind of bedding we want or what shower curtain would possibly work in the pink bathroom, we had a lot of fun picking out things to complete our home. (How fun is it to say that?!)

Also last night, my dog bit me. Not ferociously. Not on purpose. Egged on by his sweet "future daddy"... and my hand got in the way. Dash was going in for the chomp on Jason (mind you, he never bites down, just puts his teeth around Jason's fingers or hand, etc.) but before he got to the "restraint" part of the bite, I stuck my hand in to stop Jason from aggravating him and MAN OH MAN!!!! He got me on the top of my hand, right in between my thumb and pinkie, right on all those veins and small bones. Well first of all it scared me to death because I didn't expect him to bite me, second it hurt like the dickens (as my dad would say), and combined with my "vasovagal-ness", I truly think it knocked the wind out of me. Maybe not. Maybe that couldn't happen... And I was just freaking out for no reason... Either way, my hand is sore today.

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  1. Isn't registering awesome!? Brad and I had waaay too much fun when we went!! He kind of got out of hand with the laser gun! haha!! glad you guys had fun!


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