Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Growling of Chewbacca

This weekend we decided to bring Dash to the Geyers for a playdate with Harley (and to play Settlers with the Rocha's/Geyer's!!!)

Jason is SOOOOOO excited about it!!!!!

Dash was a growling "Chewbacca" the whole time... he was NOT a big fan of the fun-loving Harley and his playful antics. Don't get me wrong - both little boys are sooooo sweet and precious, Dash just doesn't do well with other dogs. (In counseling, he will blame his mother.)

Look at this FAAAAAACE!!! I got lucky on this shot.

Maybe someday they can grow to be BFFs like their owners. :) Until then... we've decided not to let them "fight it out". This could result in loss of limb.


  1. please look at the second to last picture... the cute on of Harley. Is it just me or does David look naked in the background?!

  2. haha Em, I had to go back and look, but David definitely looks like he's missing his clothing! And I'm so jealous that all of yall got to play Catan! When I was with Anna Cleland this weekend, we both wished that we could be playing Catan!

  3. Looks like we need to have one huge game of Catan one weekend when we are all in town because obviously we are all hooked :-) Also,it's funny that you mention "chewbacca" b/c we used to have a dog that we named Chewbacca and we called him Chewie for short but he looked a lot like Dash. :-)


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