Thursday, March 26, 2009


I'm with Sassy and Classy - for whatever reason, I have not wanted to blog this week! (Though, I haven't been sick... so I have no excuse really...)

Right now we're at 135 days and counting, but there is nothing too exciting going on.

We're still trying to figure out where to go on our Honeymoon. THANK YOU for all your wonderful suggestions - you guys ROCK, and you've been some pretty cool places! We think we may have found a great deal, but we are definitely still praying about it. God's in control of everything - why not let Him be in control of this too!

I bought my dress (you know this), and then took it for alterations - OH MY GOODNESS. They tried to nickel and dime me. Okay, so I'm cheap. Like on a SUPER cheap budget for the whole wedding. And no I will NOT spend more on alterations than what it cost to buy the dress!! Sheesh. So, no bustle, (try an extra $180 for that sucker), but I'll make it. :)

And we've picked out our bridesmaid's dresses and Jessica picked out her dress (they don't make the b'maid dress in her size), and I've picked out invitations, but haven't ordered them yet. Still working on the guest list... yikes - it gets bigger everyday!! We're trying to keep it within reason, but goodness, between all of us (Guins/Millers/Lawhorns, etc.) we have a LOOOOOT of family! That's like half the guest list. Anyway, we are SOOO pumped to be able to celebrate with everyone though, so that's all that matters.

I am taking a vacation day tomorrow (WHOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!) and I promise I will try to post again soon. :)

Things to look forward to:
Jason's 25th birthday!!! (tomorrow)
Meeting with Dr. Dooley a/b the wedding
Engagement pictures!!!
Going to Birmingham with my mom to see Wicked (4/4/09)

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