Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 8: This time last week...

This time last week, I didn't know that day would be THE day. :) Little 'ol unsuspecting me.

In other wedding related news... Jason and I decided, after our Dave Ramsey class last night, to stop by Bed Bath and Beyond to begin our registry!! YAY!! How fun, right? Okay, so it's a lot harder than we expected. I mean, a LOT.
Well, I knew that I would love all things OXO, so there are like 30 OXO products on the list. That part was easy. But cookware (aka pots and pans) - YIKES! Who knows?? Just because it costs $500 doesn't mean I'm an instant super chef, right?
So the fact that we didn't come prepared, plus we only had 45 minutes before the store closed, yeeeah.. we didn't get very far. We're planning to talk through it more so that we have a GAME PLAN and hit it up again tonight.

Shew... this should be FUN and EASY... so that's tonight's goal: fun and easy. Ephasis on fun.
And easy.

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