Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 5: Planning sets in...

Man, my cheeks hurt. Why, you ask? Because I just can't stop smiling!!! :-D

It has been such a fun 5 days so far. Quick rundown:

Day 1 Thursday: GOT ENGAGED!!! get together with friends
Day 2 Friday: dinner with both sets of parents at El Monteray (I could hardly eat!)
Day 3 Saturday: spent time with Mamaw (my grandmother) and Nanny (Jason's) and watched 24
Day 4 Sunday: church, lunch at the Miller's with a lot of Jason's family to celebrate, more 24 (we finished Season 4!)

Now it's Day 5 Monday and I've got both my mom and Jason's mom on guest list duty. We are trying our best to stay within a certain amount... we want to invite everyone we've ever met, of course, so it will be hard to narrow it down. I'm just excited to be starting all the planning!!

Quick note: Jason has been WONDERFUL so far with everything... duh. Like I didn't expect it. But really; he had called the church before he proposed to make sure it would be available when we wanted to get married. Then on Friday (after we decided on the big day) he (without being asked) called the church and booked the day! ...I think I'm going to like this... Now he says just give him a list and he'll get it done. YES SIR!

Any good tips on an inexpensive wedding? Things you were glad you did? Things you wish you hadn't? Things you're planning (if you're not married)? Any help would be GREAT!!


  1. I wish i hadn't told you i didn't like my dress and not to not tell anyone when i first tried it on ;)


  2. I think you're on the right track for an affordable wedding...especially if you stick with the cake and punch idea. Serve nuts too though...a little salty with all that sweet:) and don't spend a ton on your can find very affordable dresses. red bank doesn't need a ton of flowers or decoration in the sanctuary...and whatever you do use, you could have people transport to the reception. sis would love to do it:)

  3. Hey girl! For the invitations, the lady up on the mountain at Webco is awesome. That's where I got mine. She was great...she printed our programs too. For Save the Dates, I had a friend design our save the date in photoshop, and then I uploaded the design to Vista Print. You can order a ton of them at really great cost. It was the cheapest I found when I was researching places. Karen Vessels, on Signal Mountain, did both of our cakes for the wedding reception. She did my sister's and cousin's too....she is fabulous! Hmmm...what else....Favors, we used the "Signal Mountain Cookie Lady"...she made the cutest football cookies for favors. If I think of any others, I will let you know! If you have any questions either, please message me! This is the most fun part...I wish I could plan weddings for a is SO MUCH fun! :)

    P.S. Chad was great in all the planning too....but make sure you go ahead and add THANK YOU NOTES to his list NOW (haha)...that is something Chad seriously slacked on and I wrote over 200 thank you notes all by myself after the wedding! ha!

  4. oh yeah, we also used Vista Print to order a huge amount of Thank You notes with our names on the front of was a great way to have personalized thank you notes at a great cost!

  5. Hi! I used Webbco on the mtn for the mint favor stickers (Tracy Polk's mom used to work there and was really helpful, but she doesn't work there anymore). They also did my ceremony programs! I used Kimmee in RB for the cake (you already knew that), but very afforable and fabulous to work with! We didn't do save the dates, cute idea, but we thought it was kind of a waste of money since everyone we knew already knew when the date was. I agree with Becca about flowers being transported to the reception... we were going to do that and have a couple of smaller arrangements at the church, but we decided to just have the one larger arrangement at church. We looked into the SM cookie lady but found that her cookies were more expensive than we were interested in. If you're doing favors though, I would definitely recommend something that people will consume. Everybody likes treats you can eat! Brad wrote a lot of Thank you notes, it was a huge help!! whew that was long! I'm sure I'll think of other stuff! Love you!

  6. LOVED:
    1. The art gallery reception- find one that hasn't been used before and they probably won't charge a lot.
    2. My flowers. I kept it simple- only spent $20 on the actual church flowers-- 2 $10 huge potted mums. Perfect for October.
    3. Letting my bridesmaids pick their favorite black dress. They will love you forever and really will wear the dress again.
    4. Skipped the grooms' cake and did multiple flavor layers on the bride's. Saves money and everyone's happy.
    5. The service. Everything was perfect.

    Wouldn't do again...
    1. Hair up-- it looked too much like prom 2000.
    2. Save money with the photographer. You will want these to be the best pictures EVER.
    3. a 1:00 wedding. It's just tooo early and rushed.

    Enjoy yourself!!


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