Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day... um... what day is it?

Hello all!! What a fun and crazy weekend! Saturday I headed out with my mom, Patricia (Jason's mom), and Jessica (his sister) to look for a dress.

Not just any dress. THE DRESS. The WEDDING dress.

So we began at David's Bridal and tried on 800,000,000 dresses.. no really, I'm not exaggerating. Okay, maybe a little. I think I tried on 15 there.. or so. So that's pretty close to 8 million.

Anyway, we had it narrowed down to 2 and were debating on which one we liked the best, when the girl who was helping us (Erin) brought another dress by and said, "I know it's not exactly what you've been looking at, but I really love this dress," so I mean, hey - how many times in your life do you get to LEGITIMATELY try on wedding dresses? So I tried it on and was really surprised at how much we all liked it. (Little did I know that it could be THE DRESS.)

But alas, I couldn't just buy the first dress I loved. So we went to Boutique Couture after lunch, and man oh man - the dresses were beautiful. It was funny because the sizes they have to try on in the store were a bit too big to fit me, but they had these huge clamps that they used to pull it tight in the back. It was hilarious to see the difference between this wad of clothing draping over you turn instantly into an elegant beautiful dress - just with a few car clamps! (Seriously, they looked like car battery charger clamp thingys.)

But alas, the prices were a bit (a LOT) above my set dress budget. So we decided to sleep on it and think about it the next day. That night my "fancy" and I headed out with Em, David, Becca H., and Matt to eat dinner at Crust. When we got back to the Geyer's, I layed all the pictures of all the different dresses out (in no order) and told Em and Becca to pick their favorites. Turns out, both of them picked THE DRESS. So I called my mom and said, "Where are you on all this - which one do you like the best?" And she said THE DRESS. At church the next morning, I asked Jess, "What's your pick?" and she said THE DRESS. Then I asked Patricia and she said "No, no, I can't tell you! I don't want to have an effect on which one you get!" And I said "You HAVE to!! We've all picked the same one and if you say it too, I'm going right now to buy it!"

Guess what she said...

So I bought it.

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