Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lessons Learned While Planning a Wedding

This is not a comprehensive list and will probably be added to over the next month or so (once I've ACTUALLY had a wedding and all...)

(And these, of course, are my personal opinions/experiences, so it's not the same for everyone!)

  1. You will stress out. You may tell everyone that everything is perfect and all going very smoothly, and even if it is - you will stress out. It may not be much. It may not be for long. But it will happen.
  2. You don't need 5 months to plan. :)
  3. Guys don't want to/shouldn't be involved in all the details. Girlfriends (and moms/future MILs) do.
  4. When your guy DOES have an opinion - listen.
  5. Register for things you never think you'll get and let others BLOW YOU AWAY with amazing generosity.
  6. Force yourself to write thank you notes as soon after an event as possible.
  7. When you get gifts, write EVERYTHING down. Full names, every piece of the gift, what day you got it, if and when you've sent the thank you - you think you'll remember but you won't.
  8. Same thing for invitations (which obviously comes first.. thank yous are just on my mind) - make sure you have: # of people, first/last names, kids names, who knows them (Guins/Millers), address, if you've addressed their invite, when you sent their invite, if they can come or not, what showers they are invited to, what gift (if any) did they give, if you've sent a thank you. (If you need a template, honey - just ask.)
  9. Multi-task whenever possible. Address invitations/write thank you's while watching TV or a movie.
  10. Spend quality, non-wedding-related time with your hubby-to-be. (He will thank you for it.)

All for now... check back or comment with your own advice!


  1. So true! I remember those days....I also remember getting on the plane to our honeymoon and thinking....its all over, a year of planning and its all over! It is ENTIRELY worth it but you can't help but wonder why you stress and plan for a 2-3 hour event so much!
    The last lesson is the most important!

  2. That is all so true! You said it perfectly! Your big day is approaching very soon!!!


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