Friday, December 31, 2010

December Goals - How'd I Do?

December was fast and furious! We had a great month and I got some good stuff accomplished! :) 

*Read 2 books {FAIL - just read 1... this might be my first major book fail.}
*See Voyage of the Dawn Treader!! {COMPLETE!! so good. so so good.}
*Celebrate Christ!!! {COMPLETE!!} 
*Spend as much time with family as possible {COMPLETE - here, here, here, & here}
*Throw a Christmas party! {COMPLETE-ish - Didn't turn out to be a party, actually - but we did plan a Christmas get-together!}

*Send Christmas cards by December 3rd {COMPLETE - Christmas cards were sent.. before Christmas. :) }
*Finish decorating for the holidays {COMPLETE}
*Make a gift for someone {FAIL - I don't really even know what I planned to do for this one... maybe next year!}

*Keep the house presentable for company {Ehhhh... it was presentable when company did come, so... draw?}
*Hang chandelier {FAIL - what did I expect though, huh?}

*Make tons of Christmas goodies {COMPLETE - I made chocolate fudge like 4 times, and Mom made me the Ritz cookies... remember?}
*Contribute something to Christmas meals with friends/family {COMPLETE - usually fudge.}

*Drink water {FAIL - could have done much better...}
*Eat healthy - more fruit!! {COMPLETE - grapefruit, mandarin oranges, and applesauce are my friend.}
*Daily vitamin {fer da baybee} {COMPLETE}

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