Friday, December 10, 2010

Our Cwistmas Twee

Last Saturday, we began the process of putting up our Christmas tree!

We got this tree from Jason's grandparents last year and it serves its purpose well!
(loving the little stalker watching daddy)

Then last night I (finally) pulled out all our ornaments!

Okay, and by our ornaments, I mean 1,642 of mine and 3-4 shared ones. :) What can I say - I've gotten one from my mom and my Mamaw every year since BIRTH!

This is a cute (shared) one with a bride and groom and our wedding date! We got this at our Signal Crest shower from the hostesses.

And a little ship from our cruise on the Adventure of the Seas - we couldn't find this last year (for our 1st Christmas) so we were excited to finally get to put it on the tree!

This one is harder to see, but it is a handpainted ornament from the Banff Springs Hotel from our Canada trip this summer! We love getting ornaments from all the places we go.

And here's little mischievous Snooker... being mischievous. She is obsessed with the tree skirt! Like, rubs her face on it, gets tangled up in it, plays with the tassels (which are now tucked underneath)... she's crazy!

The finished product!

Okay, and she's precious. I mean, completely precious. She curled up on the stockings and I couldn't help but snag a few shots. Sweet little girl...

Have you got your tree up or are we the last ones?!

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