Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Goals

When I realized that it was December 1st, I was PUMPED! I can't believe it's already here! One year ago is when I started to do monthly goals, so it's really exciting for me to think of all I've accomplished this year. I'll try to give a run-down at the end of the month of the "yearly" goals accomplished, but for now - let's get to the fun stuff!
hoping this comes true again this December!
*Read 2 books {Something Blue & something else :) }
*See Voyage of the Dawn Treader!!
*Celebrate Christ!!!
*Spend as much time with family as possible
*Throw a Christmas party!

*Send Christmas cards by December 3rd
*Finish decorating for the holidays
*Make a gift for someone

*Keep the house presentable for company
*Hang chandelier {officially the 100th time I've posted this but I'm DETERMINED to have our kitchen "done" before the end of 2010!!!!}

*Make tons of Christmas goodies {chocolate fudge, sugar cookies, chocolate-covered-peanut-butter-Ritz-cracker-amazingness, etc.}
*Contribute something to Christmas meals with friends/family

*Drink water
*Eat healthy - more fruit!!
*Daily vitamin {fer da baybee}


  1. Great goals. For a second book to read, I'd suggest something by Jennifer Weiner if you haven't read her books. She is hilarious and one of my favorite authors.

  2. One great gift to make is what I call a "knot blanket": it's inexpensive and easy to make-message me and I'll give you the details (if you want it!) just in case you're making it for one of your readers =]


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