Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November Goals - How'd I Do?

November was an amazing month! The most EXCITING thing was announcing that we're going to have a baby!!!! AHHHH!! Nothing else really compares to that.

...or I'm at least going to say that since there was quite a bit of red on my goals list. On to the goals!
*Read 3 books - {COMPLETE - which is kind of a fib, but I'm about 100 pages away from finishing the 3rd book, so I'm going to assume that I will finish it before Dec. 1st}
*See Harry Potter 7!! {COMPLETE - we went with my friend Erin and her husband Ben and it was awesome!! Can't wait to see it again - oh, and get this: I will have a BABY by the time Part 2 comes out! AHHH!!!!}
*Celebrate Thanksgiving & BE THANKFUL!!!! {COMPLETE - we had a fabulous Thanksgiving!!}
*Black Friday w/Mom :) {COMPLETE - it was TONS of fun, and I actually stayed out longer than I usually do! I'm usually a much bigger wuss than I was this year! Yay me!}

*Design and send Christmas cards {COMP - that mean's half complete. 75% have been addressed and stuffed, they will be going out by Friday at the latest!}
*Decorate for Christmas! {FAIL - Jason had a big paper he's been working on that is due this Thursday, so last weekend was a little crazy... we will be putting our tree up this weekend, fo sho.}

*Keep the house < 15 min. from being ready for guests {FAIL - I mean, I just completely forgot this goal was on here. It was a good one, though, wasn't it?}
*Hang chandelier.. sometime in the next 7 years. {FAIL - But hubby says soooooon.}

*Meal plan as many weeks as I can {FAIL - epic fail, actually.}
*Try one new recipe {FAIL - no excuses.}

*Jingle Bell Run 5K {COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - I really did it! And as I said, I ain't never gonna do it again!}

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