Friday, November 19, 2010

Dear Weekend,

Dear Weekend,

You don't have to come yet if you don't want to.

Ya know why? Because of this.

This thing that I was sooooooo excited about and ready for and couldn't wait to do? (then freaked out?) Yeah, remember that? That thing is this Saturday. As in... tomorrow.

By the way, I'm 8 weeks pregnant.
(Don't worry, my doctor said it was completely fine for me to do the 5K this weekend - even if I wish she had told me no.)

So tomorrow morning, I will get up, get ready, pack my fully charged iPod complete with motivational songs, and do my best to cross the finish line sometime before they start closing the thing down.

Please pray.



  1. Oh girl you can do it!! Just pace yourself, drink water, and enjoy!

    Keep us updated to how it goes!! We all expect pics =]

  2. You can do it! One foot in front of the other! Congratulations in advance!

  3. Don't worry! I know you will be surprised at how well you are going to do! (by the way, you don't get punished if you walk- it's like guessing on a standardized test!)


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