Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Feelin' Less Like A Couch

So I'm still running.

Well, let me rephrase that - I'm still jogging.

I first mentioned this "Couch to 5K thing I'm attempting" here. And then, when I could have pretended like it never happened, I went and put it on my October Goals list for the world to see... and hold me accountable too. {Plus there's the fact that I already paid registration fee for the race... that too.}

I am happy to report that I am feeling less like a couch with every passing day. {Not feelin' like a 5K yet, though - don't get crazy.}

When I'm running jogging I have been listening to Pandora on my phone - Francesca Battistelli radio, to be exact. But today, since I'm on week 2 of the "training" and I have to run for 90 seconds at a time instead of 60 seconds, I decided I needed to get "pumped up". And changed it to my old Beyonce radio station. Because she can seriously pump you up.

So I listen to "Put A Ring On It" and ran my little heart out, but then as other songs came on, I realized that I can't hear without listening. I want to say that I can just pay attention to the music, but I can't. I hear crude comments and suggestive innuendos and I don't want that going in my ears.

Back to my trusty station.
I can rock out to Mercy Me, Meredith Andrews, and Casting Crowns.

My heart is happy. And quite pooped.

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  1. I'm training for a 1/2 marathon-it's tough!! I usually put my music on and I notice I can run A LOT better with music than without-something about the forces behind the instruments and voices I guess...

    Keep up the good work! =]


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