Friday, October 8, 2010

Dress Quest

First of all - I am SO EXCITED that Hunter and Elizabeth
are getting married TOMORROW!!!!!!!!

Second of all - I realized that I didn't have a dress to wear to the ceremony. So off to Belk I went {with a leftover wedding giftcard} to see what I could find.

I'm a terrible shopper.

Ask my mom.

Ask Cara.

Ask anyone who's ever gone clothes shopping with me.

I get so easily discouraged and then just want to go home. This already happened on Tuesday when I went to the Belk store closer to my house. I found 3 dresses to try on, took pictures in them to send to Cara, then left with nothing because I didn't like any of them.

Take two.

At the Belk that's farther away, there's supposedly a better selection, so I trudged in with high hopes of finding something. I found four dresses I liked off the rack, and took pictures to send to Cara, to get her opinion, of course! And I did leave with one! 

So here are the dresses {I found 2 of them online and linked them}
and what I said to her in my texts:

My head has been chopped off for my own protection.

Top left: "Yes, Sarah, it does look like animal print. Or an 80s spandex get-up."
Top right: "Ruffle-y flower things at the top"
Bottom left: "Stripey ribbon looking skirt"
Bottom right: "Looks and feels like a slip. Cute, but maybe not for this..."

Which one do you like best?
And which one do you think I picked? :)


  1. My favorite is the black with ruffle-looks SO retro and sleek.

    Keep me posted!

  2. I vote for the bottom left "stripey ribbon looking skirt". But I also like the ruffly one.

  3. Bottom left!!!! The words that come to mind are "Va Va Voom!!!!" :D But honestly I think they all look really cute!

  4. I'm the top right- ruffle-y one. We are going to try to make it to the wedding!

  5. my vote is for the bottom left- classic, chic, and versatile

  6. I vote for either the top right or bottom left! Can't go wrong with either! Love them!

  7. I like the one on bottom left. Can't wait to see which one you picked!

  8. "You so silly, Sarah" :)

    I say either top right or bottom left!


Even if it's just to say "You so silly, Sarah" - please feel free to leave comments!


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