Friday, October 15, 2010

Skinny Bottom Jeans & Boots With No Fur

{My "clever" title makes me think of E.Nagle}

In an attempt to bring my fall wardrobe into the year 2010, I went on a quest for boots last night. After trying on several pairs at a few other shoe stores {and not finding anything I liked}, I went to DSW and also didn't find anything I liked...

So I was walking from the back clearance section to the doors to leave when I passed THESE boots!
I really liked them, but wasn't completely sure, so of course, I texted the picture to Cara to see what she thought. She said "YES get them, but now you need 'skinny jeans' to go with them."

Ehhhhh... homie don't do skinny jeans.
I've spent my whole life trying to make my stick-legs not look skinny, thankyouverymuch.

But alas, I found myself at Old Navy, trying on said skinny jeans. I took a picture in those and sent that to Cara too, but I will spare you {and my pride} that picture.

In my picture text to her I said "OMGoodness, they are NOT kidding about the skinny part! Are they SUPPOSED to look like LEGGINGS?"
Then I asked the Old Navy Dressing Room Attendant Girl if I needed to get the next size up and she said "No, girl - they look great!" Alright people... flattery does go a long way with me...

So I've talked myself into it, and I'm at the register, willing to pay the cheap price of $30 for the jeans, and they ring up $16!!!!!!!!!! Okay, for real. I'm definitely getting them now. Even though I already was. 

It was a good shopping night.

Anyone else ever tried something on that was "in fashion" but then totally second guessed yourself about it?


  1. 1) I LOVE the boots-perfect choice.
    2) I wish I could wear skinny jeans but they make my fairly normal sized thighs look HUGE! So make sure to rock them girl =] If you're worried you look "too skinny" in them, layer on the top like with cute camies, off the shoulder sweatshirts and/or boyfriend collared shirts. If you want to layer the bottom use an off the hip chunky belt and some cute chunky bracelets to even out the waist line.

    PROUD OF YOU! Go rock them!

  2. I love the boots! Last year, I started wearing boots and skinny jeans. So you are not behind me! I always back out of new fashions, it takes a new fashion to come in before I start the last one, haha. You will look great!


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