Monday, November 22, 2010

My First 5K

Well, I'm alive, my friends. I made it through my VERY FIRST 5K!

I didn't bring my camera with me, but I made Jason grab this quick shot about 20 minutes before the race:
Mmmm... yes, I definitely looked pumped up.

Anyway, I was armed with some rockin' tunes and a pair of black tights (dude, it was chilly). The first song that played when I first started running (I had it on shuffle) was Gimme Some Lovin' which I had originally downloaded for our wedding! It was a fun song to get me going, and before I knew it, I passed Jason! Okay, no, I didn't pass him UP - he had already hit the halfway point and was coming back and I passed him then.

Anyway, he finished 10 minutes before me and so he came back to finish with me! It was awesome to see him coming towards me and gave me the last little boost I needed to finish! (That and the Group 1 Crew song Walking on the Stars!)

My final time was 39min and 16sec! UNDER 40 minutes!! Whoo hoo!

I also got to see all these fabulous girls! 
(By the way, they totally should have won for best team costume. Just sayin'.)

I'm really glad I did it...
...but I ain't never gonna do it again!

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